Source: AIMS News Release 12.11.2017 during AIMS Congress

Greetings from Berlin Marathon Expo - Grüsse aus Berlin!

Helsinki City Marathon and the Helsinki Running Events were present at the Berlin-Vital Marathon Expo in last September weekend. It was an excellent chance to meet runners around the world and invite them to the biggest marathon of Finland! Delightfully many runners are already registered to next year's event.

Set your goal for 2017 now and register for the Helsinki City Marathon 2017. The pre-offer is valid during the Helsinki City Marathon Weekend!

Next year Helsinki City Marathon, Helsinki Street Run and Minimarathon are taking place August 12th. We want to offer a special price for the runners.


Helsinki City Marathon 50 €, regular fee August 15th 59 €  REGISTER HERE  50 €

Fat Boys Can Run - How I became Marathon Runner by Paul McKay

It's 3:30am and I'm up in lycra filling the car with fuel..."Where are you going at this time?" I'm asked.
"Running", I replied
"Running....I'm off to do the Wales Marathon"
"Why do you run?"

I haven't got time to answer this but I've been asked this a number of I get in my car it gets me thinking about my story;

August 13th is getting closer! It is a day with three different events and there is a very big number of foreing runners visiting the beautiful Helsinki!

In the link below we have collected an information package in English for the foreign runners. This package will make your participation in Helsinki City Marathon, Street Run or Minimarathon smooth and you can enjoy the day as much as possible. All the attached information and much more is also available on these webpages under INFO.

Along Helsinki City Marathon route there is 15 refreshment stations and after finish several different food and drinks served at the Sonera Stadium:

- Bavaria non-alcoholic 0,0 % beer
- Myrttiset cucumbers
- Värskä - water bottle
- Chiquita banana
- Maxim - recovery drink
- Alpen-bar
- Maxim Sports Drink, Fresh Orange flavour
- Kulta Katriina coffee
- Water
- Sun - Maid raisins
- Yoghurt

Unfortunately, due to large number of participants, special diets cannot be taken into consideration.

Pacers are persons helping other runners to keep up an even pace during the long marathon run. Helsinki City Marathon has pacers that run to target times 3h, 3:30h, 4 h, 4:15 h, 4:30 h, 5 h and 5:30 h. In Finland the three-hour pacer is a rare treat and they are available only in Helsinki City Marathon.

For the pacers it is a question of honour to keep the right pace. Sometimes the race doesn’t go as planned and that is why the pacers run in groups of three. if one of the three has trouble reaching the right pace the other two can still keep going.

Helsinki City Marathon improves the services of the runners and introduces a new waterproof gear bag for its runners. The equipment bag is familiar from other big running events and has also been in use at the Helsinki City Run the half marathon which takes place in May. The bag will now be introduced also to runners in Helsinki City Marathon and Helsinki Street Run. It is easy to use, waterproof and a safe way to store your gear during the run.

Helsinki City Marathon 2016 medals motif is now published. In this years medal there is a picture of Crusell bridge.

173,5 metres long Crusell bridge is located at "Länsisatama". It connects Ruoholahti and Jätkäsaaria areas. Bridge has got it's name by the Finnish composer Bernhard Henrik Crusell. Runners will past the bridge two times - around the kilometres 12 and 38.

Medal is designed and producted by Pocal from Oulu, Finland. Helsinki City Marathon is well known of it's beatiful, high qualited and heavy medals. 

Helsinki City Marathon´s new online results and tracking services are available to all runners and followers on race day.