If you live or visit the Helsinki area, feel free to join free training runs organized by Finnish Athletics and Juoksuliike. There are two trainings per month throughout the year. Trainings are published in Facebook in the Helsinki City Run page's events. Please ask for translation from if the English version is not available.

Viikolla 29 alkaa tapahtua! Saat sähköpostiisi muistutuksen tietojesi päivityksestä – lähtönumeroiden määrittely on jo lähellä.

Viikolla 30 juoksijat saavat sähköpostiinsa tiedon omasta numerostaan. Jännitys alkaa nousta! Tarvitset lähtönumerosi, kun haet juoksijan paketin Kisatoimistosta ennen tapahtumaa.

All runners who have registerd for the Finnish Athletic's running events can join trainings and runs organized by FA and Juoksuliike for free. There are about three trainings per month during the spring 2017 which aim to motivate and support the training towards each runners' personal goals. So far the dates published reach until Helsinki City Run half marathon in May but training will continue also during the summer months.

The route of the Helsinki City Marathon is strongly influenced by the sea and the parks of Helsinki. Almost half of the course follows the coast line of the Baltic Sea, and the course going through nice islands and parks will guarantee you an unforgettable marathon experience.

Helsinki City Marathon route was renewed in 2015 and it will stay nearly the same in 2016. The new route was planned based on the feedback from runners, in close cooperation with the City of Helsinki.